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Preface: 5 Star Gaming has been in it's current form since July of 2011, as well as having previous iterations under various names and administration groups. We've been through thick and thin attempting to create the best Minecraft server AND community experience - In recent months we have strayed away from what made us what we were. It is time for us to focus on creating the community that we all came to love instead of branching out on several different projects that only lead to split us a part. I (thegarfish/chris) am back after my hiatus of working on several different projects that didn't pan out quite the way that I thought they would - along with X we are back to create something that was once great; even better than before.

What's to Come: We are still working out the details of everything that we plan on adding; currently our goal is to get the server to a state in which we can release a "beta" (as if we ever left this before) version of the server. We will be speaking to long time members of the community (and the rest of you once we get the forums back up/updated to the new design method of our site) to gather ideas as to what we can add/remove/edit to make a stronger server and community. As of now our focus is you - the community; so we will be spending quite a bit of time brainstorming server events/parties/interaction nights. On top of this - we know that in the past X and I never were exactly "transparent" with most of went on behind the scenes - this is mostly due to our own complicated nature of wanting to keep things simple for the public, so with this next version of mc5star we have plans set to be more open about the "behind the scenes" things that go on with the server, the administration, and those who are affected by it.

How Can You Help?: Currently if you have any talent with building, artwork, publicity, prior experience with us at moderation/administration, development, or anything else that you believe that could be helpful to the server we are asking that you send an email to chris@mc5star.com detailing what you can/would help with along with what you can bring to our team - if we are interested we will let you know within a few days if you could be useful with the server (and of course ask you some more questions to verify you'd be a good fit for the team).

Current Team:

  • thegarfish - owner/lead developer
  • xtrmhp - owner/lead administrator
  • yasuwa1 - lead of buildteam

Donation Status

Currently we are accepting "user defined amount" donations - this means that you select your own price for donations. By doing this you guarantee yourself some special perks (possibly some perks/titles/etc that aren't possible to get by any other means). We ask that you donate a minimum of 5 dollars as anything else gets eaten by taxes. If you are interested in donating to the server please input your name into the textbox below and click the button the right of the input field.